St. James the Great, Thurning, Northamptonshire

St. James the Great, Thurning
Ensemble Treble 12,15,17 (prepared for)
Ensemble Bass 26,29 prepared for)
Piccolo Treble 2
Piccolo Bass 2
Flute Treble 4
Flute Bass 4
Principal Treble 4
Principal Bass 4
Clarabel Treble 8
Stopped Bass 8
 Diapason Treble 8
Diapason Bass 8
Voix Celeste Treble 8
Gamba Treble 8
Bourdon 16
Manual to Pedal

We built this extraordinary new organ in the old (1904) case in 2011; the organ is sited above the chancel arch and rood, the case facing West down the Nave and the mechanical console in a tiny gallery on the West Chancel wall (the other side of the organ).

The organ reuses the old (Miller) organ diapason and pedal bourdon (mainly in facade) plus principal, dulciana and voix celestes and with all divided stops adds above middle c a Celeste, a new wooden Clarabel, Harmonic Flute and Harmonic Piccolo;, and is prepared for new II/IIIrk Ensemble (sesquialtera). The scheme was designed in consultation with James Parsons who gave the opening recital on January 29th 2012.