Cathedral of The Holy Trinity - Gibraltar
Cathedral of The Holy Trinity - Gibraltar
Trumpet 8 a
Mixture IV c
Flageolet 2 a
Principal 4 a
Flute 4 a
Rohr Flute 8 a
Harmonic Open Diapason 8 a
Open Diapason 8 a
Cornopean 8 a
Bassoon Oboe 16 a & b
Mixture V c
Fifteenth 2 a
Principal 4 a
Lieblich Gedact 8 a
Gamba 'Cor Anglais' 8 b
Celeste 8 b
Clarinet 8 a & b
Sesquialtera III a
Larigot 1 1/3 c
Gemshorn 2 c
Chimney Flute 4 c
Stopped Diapason 8 c
Pedal Flute ext 8ft.
Pedal Octave ext 8ft.
Pedal Bourdon 16ft. a
Open Diapason 16ft. a
Trombone 16ft. c
Chair to Pedal  
Great to Pedal  
Swell to Pedal  
Swell to Great  
Chair to Great  

This Organ sings in this lovely resonant Anglican Cathedral, and was built by Bryceson & Ellis in 1880; a third manual choir organ was added by Bevington in 1906. The Organ was moved from the North Transept in 1951 by Mander, who also converted the pedal action to pneumatic and replaced the great Sesquialtera with a Trumpet.

In 1991, we restored the Bryceson organ making the following changes and enhancing the tonal scheme:

Removal of the Bevington Choir organ due to its ineffectiveness.

The excellent choir strings, called Cor Anglais & Celeste, were transferred onto the Swell which also received a new five rank mixture.

The oboe was transposed to a Bassoon Oboe 16ft. (replacing the Bourdon 16ft. and the Open Diapason 8ft.).

A new mixture IV placed on the Great organ, in effect, in place of the Salicional.

A new Trombone 16ft. has been placed on the site of the old Choir organ.

The manual tracker action has been retained and enhanced with a new swell action giving lighter touch and with floating beams to improve reliability.

The pedal action has been converted to our 'in house' system of direct electric action which promotes excellent and prompt pipe speech. This has been used in preference to tracker action because of the circumstances regarding accessibility and layout.

In 1992, we added the new Chair Organ with tracker action and seven stops.

Five of these are new together with the reuse of the Bevington Clarinet (completed to full compass) and the Brysceson Sesquialtera which we discovered abandoned. This stop was revised to 1-24 17.19.22 and 25-56 12.15.17.

Pipe work:
a = Bryceson
b = new bottom octave
c = Bower & Company 1991/1992